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We are thrilled to announce that TPD, formerly publicly known as “Traffic Planning and Design, Inc.”, has undergone a complete brand refresh, including a revised logo, new website, new URL and updated company name. For many years we have been unofficially known as TPD. As we celebrate our 35th anniversary this year, we are commemorating the fact that we have been more than just “traffic planners and designers” for close to 30 years by making the official leap to adopt “TPD” in place of “Traffic Planning and Design, Inc.” Rest assured, we will continue to operate with the same exceptional service offerings and dedicated staff, just under a more efficient and streamlined name!

We invite you to explore our refreshed website  and to take note of our updated email extensions, which will now be We are excited to be Moving Forward Together® as TPD and look forward to continuing to collaborate with you!

As always, we value your continued partnership and welcome any questions you may have. Please do not hesitate to reach out to us at

Check out this video celebrating our 35th year in business!