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Services Overview

TPD has established a reputation throughout the eastern United States as a leading specialist in Transportation Planning, having provided well over 3,000 studies for a vast array of clients. Our quality transportation impact studies, expert testimony, and graphics capabilities assist in obtaining timely approvals. We also provide trip generation studies, parking studies, and traffic modeling in association with the local, county, and state land development approval process for land uses such as retail, institutional (e.g., colleges, universities, elementary and secondary education, hospitals), industrial, residential, and office developments.


We are a team of experienced engineers, planners, and technicians who understand all facets of transportation planning, including:

  • Transportation impact studies
  • Expert witness testimony
  • Planning & design
  • Transportation consulting services for commercial businesses
  • Parking studies
  • Signal studies
  • Access analyses
  • Conceptual Roadway Design Plans
  • Trip generation studies
  • Traffic simulation and modeling
  • Traffic data collection

Defined by a growing list of award-winning projects, the permitting team is equipped to provide experience and knowledge in the design of roadway and signal improvements.

  • Traffic signal revisions
  • State / DOT permit design
  • Traffic Signal Permit Plans
  • Roadway improvements
  • Intersection improvements
  • Access & interchange design
  • Pavement Marking & Signing Plans
  • Traffic Control Plans
  • Roadway design, drainage design & pavement design
  • Land development applications
  • ADA pedestrian facility design
  • Traffic signal design
  • Traffic calming design
  • Roundabout design
  • Corridor signal optimization

Improving traffic flow and increasing efficiency with a focus on safety has been a hallmark of our transportation projects. We deliver innovative solutions with our hands-on approach to each project.

  • Education
  • Healthcare
  • Retail
  • Corporate
  • Industrial
  • Entertainment
  • Residential
  • Transit-oriented
  • Lodging
  • Financial
  • Lifestyle / mixed-use