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On behalf of TPD, I feel it is important for you to hear directly from me on our commitment to both the health of our employees and to project deadlines during the state of emergency related to the Coronavirus. A healthy TPD employee is a productive TPD employee, thus our #1 goal of keeping our staff healthy works to our clients’ benefit as well.

TPD employees have been encouraged to work from home for over 30 years. In fact, some full time staff are approaching their 20th Anniversary of working solely from home. As such, TPD has not had to reinvent the wheel to address the impacts related to guidance from elected officials regarding the Coronavirus. TPD employees are capable of working from home on projects with the same level of productivity as in the office at any time of day.  Our IT Department has been working diligently for the last three weeks, and long before then, to facilitate these capabilities.
As a standard practice, TPD staff reply by phone or email within 4 hours whether they are working remotely or from one of our offices. This standard practice will play an integral role in keeping the state of emergency from impacting our ability to hit your deadlines.
Two areas beyond our control could potentially impact deadlines:
1. Obtaining information from government agencies and their consultants.
2. With volumes well below average, traffic counts have been suspended.  Due to our size, TPD has vast amounts of data we may be able to use on some projects, as it is less than two years old.

If you have any questions or items you want to discuss directly with me, please email me or call me at 610-326-3100 x 2102.

Kevin Johnson, President