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On My Mind: AAPI Heritage Month Feature

TPD’s DEI Committee features articles and stories authored by our staff. This video, which was recorded to bring awareness to Asian American and Pacific Islander (AAPI) Heritage Month, features the early life story of TPD Senior Project Manager, Tuan Duong, PE, as a Vietnamese Refugee.

A word from Tuan:

Knowing my heritage and history, TPD’s DEI Committee asked me to write an article to bring awareness to Asian American and Pacific Islander (AAPI) Heritage Month, which is this month. After thinking about what I might say, I decided that filming a short video might allow me to tell my story more easily.

I spent the beginning of my childhood in Vietnam… carefree – just like any other kid; until I was 7 and my family made a journey to a refugee camp on the island of Palau Bidong in Malaysia. I invite you to listen to my story for a new perspective and to please reach out if you’d like to discuss anything with me further. I appreciate the opportunity to share with you all! Remember: We don’t know how strong we are until we’re tested and pushed to our limits.

Additional resources:

  • Here is a video from the refugee camp.
  • Here is another video from that time.
  • This is what the Palau Bidong island looks like now.

We thank Tuan for sharing his story and perspective with us!

Headshot of Tuan Duong

Tuan Duong, PE is a Sr. Project Manager in TPD’s Access Design Department with 26 years of experience – all with TPD. He is a Widener University graduate, and he resides in Berks County with his wife and two sons – one of which will be following in his footsteps and beginning his academic career at Widener University in the fall of 2023!

P: 1.877.873.9739
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