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Route 29 Sinkhole Remediation Project (SR 0029, Section SNK)

Project Details
Location:E. Whiteland Township & Charlestown Township, Chester County, PAClient:PennDOT District 6-0Completion Date:2017Share

The SR 0029, Section SNK project is located along Route 29 between the PA Turnpike Slip Ramp and Yellow Springs Road. Over the past 10 years, this portion of Route 29 has been experiencing pavement failures caused by localized sinkholes. The sinkholes are being caused by failures in the limestone subgrade located beneath the roadway. The subgrade failures are being caused by the movement of groundwater and surface water within the subgrade.

The approach to the problem is twofold. First, eliminate surface water from infiltrating and concentrating in areas so as to wash soil into existing or future limestone crevices under the roadway. Secondly, excavate and replace soil that is susceptible to this activity.

TPD, in combination with our subconsultant A.G.E.S., developed a design which involved removing the existing poor subgrade material down to bedrock and replacing the material with a combination of cellular concrete, clean rock, geosynthetics, geogrid and geomembrane materials. Additional design elements included the lining of pipe to eliminate leakage and the addition of base drain to capture any water which migrates into the pavement subbase. 

TPD was responsible for Preliminary Engineering, Final Design and Construction Services. This included the development of Construction Plans, Traffic Control Plans, Temporary Signal Plans, Signing and Pavement Marking Plans, and utility coordination.