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Comprehensive Land Use Plans

Project Details

Our communities are constantly evolving, with shifting demographics, ongoing development, and increasing traffic. To address these opportunities and challenges, TPD works closely with local municipal clients and partners to provide transportation and pedestrian/bicycle mobility elements for Comprehensive Land Use Plans, which serve as blueprints for fostering healthier, more equitable, and interconnected communities. Transportation has the power to unlock prosperity, health, and freedom but it can also create disadvantages, harm, and divisions. Through a strategic approach that incorporates land use, TPD aims to identify opportunities for communities to improve connectivity, accessibility, and mobility for people of all ages and abilities. By aligning transportation planning with broader land use goals, we strive to create systems that facilitate inclusivity and enhance quality of life for everyone.


Buncombe County Comprehensive Plan
Buncombe County, NC

Positioned for significant growth in the coming years, Buncombe County (NC’s 7th most populous county) developed Buncombe 2043: Our Voices. Our Vision as its comprehensive plan to guide growth and development for the next two decades. As a subconsultant in collaboration with Clarion Associates, TPD assumed multiple project roles, including transportation lead, public engagement co-lead, and local advisor. Working with Clarion, TPD and the planning team actively involved citizens, staff, and the community to identify a vision for the County’s future. This encompassed developing a Growth and Conservation future land use pattern and formulating policies essential to realizing the County’s envisioned future trajectory.

Media Borough Traffic Calming Plan
Media Borough, Delaware County, PA

TPD completed a borough-wide Traffic Calming Plan for Media Borough. The Team employed several innovative engagement tactics to gather public input in addition to the traditional Public Meeting approach. Detailed conceptual drawings were provided as part of the plan for several corridors throughout Media in addition to a radical redesign of Baltimore Avenue, and the development of a neighborhood greenway along Jefferson Street. These detailed drawings are complimented by a wide array of education, encouragement and enforcement strategies, as well as appropriate traffic calming techniques to apply throughout the neighborhood streets of the Borough. Several pop-up projects to temporarily demonstrate the effectiveness of traffic calming devices and help increase public awareness were identified, as well as areas for the Borough to engage residents through street art and neighborhood programs. In addition, a comprehensive review of Borough code was completed identifying areas that could be strengthened or revised to provide for better future transportation improvements.

Bristol Forward: City of Bristol Comprehensive Plan
City of Bristol, Washington County, VA

In the coming years, the City of Bristol is facing a variety of changes and challenges that call for a new approach to land use, economic development, and infrastructure planning. Bristol Forward will become the City’s guiding plan to direct the City’s next wave of change. It will be the City’s highest level policy document, containing a long-term vision, with short-term strategies and policies to help achieve it. In collaboration with Quantum Consultants, TPD provided creative public engagement strategies and helped facilitate numerous stakeholder meetings and public forums, while also developing an online survey platform for the project. Though focusing on transportation, TPD contributed to a range of planning elements, such as land use, public services, infrastructure, parks and recreation, and natural resources. Transportation goals and recommendations play a crucial role in connectivity, but also influencing economic development outcomes, environmental sustainability goals, social equity imperatives, and land use outcomes.

Boone Next: Town of Boone Comprehensive Plan
Town of Boone, Watauga County, NC

With mounting growth pressures in the increasingly popular town of Boone, there is a need for a new comprehensive plan. Boone Next confronts various challenges and provides a fresh approach to land use, economic growth, and infrastructure planning. The plan will serve as the town’s guiding blueprint and primary policy document, outlining a long-term vision alongside implementable short-term strategies. In partnership with Quantum Consultants, TPD crafted innovative public engagement strategies and facilitated numerous stakeholder meetings and public forums to ensure diverse perspectives were heard, including an online survey to broaden community participation in the process that reached hundreds of people. TPD’s primary focus on this project was transportation, where outcomes enhance connectivity, influence economic development, support environmental sustainability, bolster social equity, and connect to land use. Through Boone Next, the town is committed to address these interconnected facets comprehensively, ensuring a resilient and vibrant future for Boone.