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Unmanned Aerial System (UAS) Project Support

TPD employs a team of fully insured and licensed Part 107 UAS (drone) pilots with experience obtaining field data and analysis services to assist our clients and the public to better visualize existing site conditions, reviewing construction progress, monitoring traffic operations and developing proposed solutions.

How We Can Help:

Professional Project Photography/Video Flyovers
Providing clients with photos, high-definition videos and time-lapse imaging from before construction to the project in its final form.

Bird’s Eye View Project Area Monitoring
Giving clients and the public a visual understanding of the traffic-related concerns on projects, and visually demonstrating improvements made post-construction.

Construction Monitoring
Providing real time monitoring and digital documentation of daily construction activities.

3D Context Capture
A 3D visual concept of existing conditions, how a planned project will actually be built and more.

Traffic Data Collection
Aerial monitoring of traffic operations in real time; providing clients with views to maximize site layouts and access utilization, monitor on-site queueing and circulation patterns or provide current traffic flow conditions along corridors.

UAS Project Support Inquiry