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Pottstown Area Signals Project

Project Details
Location:Borough of Pottstown, Montgomery County, PAClient:Borough of PottstownCompletion Date:2020Cost:$10.9 MillionShare

TPD was selected as the prime consultant to design a traffic signal system for the development of a 60-Signal Closed Loop System in the Borough of Pottstown and surrounding municipalities. TPD’s project responsibilities included conducting manual turning movement traffic counts at 52 project intersections and 24-hour machine count at key locations throughout the project area.

TPD conducted traffic signal warrant analyses in accordance with the MUTCD, which includes vehicular and pedestrian volumes, review of roadway geometry and investigation of crash data. TPD conducted field investigations of each intersection to document equipment needs throughout the project. We prepared a System Report, Operation, and Maintenance Plan. Part of this plan will be to determine the preferred method of traffic signal interconnection.

Utilizing both aerial and field survey studies TPD prepared Traffic Signal Construction Plans that include mast arm locations, vehicular and pedestrian indications, detection, field wiring and traffic signal timing.

In addition to preparing item tabulation sheets and detailed cost estimates, TPD will prepare all special provisions for the project. During the construction phase of the project TPD will review all equipment submissions, provide field modifications, and upon completion of the project we will prepare Traffic Signal Permit Plans.

The project was expanded to include the integration of this signal system into the PennDOT Traffic Operations Center located in King of Prussia. This is part of the District expanding ITS fiber optic system and will allow for remote operation to control congestions or events.

Fiber optic cable is the means of communication for the entire system which will link into PennDOT’s Traffic Control Center, located in King of Prussia. Signal coordination, utilizing various Timing Plans, are being incorporated to ensure optimum network capacity and public safety. This project included all of the signals in Pottstown as well as signals in the neighboring Townships of Lower Pottsgrove and North Coventry.

TPD was responsible for: Project Management, Traffic Data Collection, Traffic Signal Warrant Analyses and Capacity Analyses, Preparation of Traffic Signal Construction Plans, Design Field View Plans and Final Plans, Specifications and Estimates (PS&E) packages to the Borough and PennDOT, Interconnect Design for the network as well as integration into the Department’s expanding system, Pavement Marking & Signing Design, and Coordination with local officials and utility personnel, and other contracted consultants.